This game is about the feeling of moving cities and leaving your friends and loved one behind. I was trying to capture a melancholia, a personal moment, to speak to this anxiety of going into something unknown. It was made over one week for my Digital Games course at OCAD U.

I developed it alone, created a infinitely generating road to roll on representing the vast space between Toronto and Montréal. I painted the inside of a car, road tiles and a custom skybox that felt like a dusk horizon. I wanted to integrate randomly spawning signs and trees on the side of the road to enliven it. 

Because of its emptiness and because of the long time it takes to go between the two cities, being in the car, driven by a stranger met through a carpooling facebook group really felt like life was at a pause, and beyond my simple control, at the mercy of ominous variables.

You can find the code here.

You can see the player controller, moved by its little script into infinity on the ever generating road.

This is the skybox I handcrafted for the experience. It was my first time designing one and I had to figure out its proportions and details.

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