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Mirador - UX, Interface and Balancing

I have shipped Mirador with Studio Sauropod on the 26th of July. 

Initially hired to focus on the interface design, through working closely with game designers, I realized how deeply my UX and UI design work meshed with theirs - and ended up shouldering more conceptual game design tasks as the project progressed.

Case Study Coming Soon!


Mobile Cartoony Pet Shop Game

I designed a mockup for a freemium mobile game in which people could collect pets. I also designed and illustrated the currency icons. I made sure the menu would be responsive to different mobile sizes.

The dog illustrations are placeholders.


Loadout Screen UI

I made a mockup for a fictionnal FPS loadout screen. It was an interesting challenge because I am not much of a guns gamer myself - although I am getting into it, as I recently finished Dead Space. I was really inspired by a PUBG UI redesign mockup by banditlaydar on Reddit. I took guns picture on google images but they could be replaced by rendered 3d in-game guns. Same thing goes for the items in the inventory.


Icon and Button - Cartoon Style

Mockups for a city simulation mobile game icons and buttons. 


Tactical Shooter UI

I designed this interface mock up for a tactical shooter as a challenge.


Playmind - The InnerFriend

For the duration of the summer (I was starting my master that fall), I was ready to tackle the tasks of branding an upcoming game, The InnerFriend, rolling out its marketing assets, and help around the studio for the commercial projects pitches slide decks.

I made many a logo iterations, but also in-game assets textures, developed (!) a whole webpage from scratch, designed a Games Con booth, formatted a game design document (under NDA) and designed in-game UI.

The parallax effect and the layout of the website I worked on for Playmind.


Fit pupper

 A fitness tracker through which you can log your activities at the gym, for a more aesthetic training experience with smoother UX than other fitness trackers.


I want to make the app foremost welcoming. Yes! to patterned backgrounds, pastel colors, cute illustrations, encouragements and celebration of completed workout - make it feel quirky and lively. 

Mostly, I want to eliminate scrolling lists of exercises names that dominate the UX in the market. I'm designing an exercise selection process that is more visual and more accessible.

Mockups and sketches.


I Love my Hellcat

Start screen designed for a game jam at Centre Nad, 2015.

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