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Packaging - Einstein Gadgets

Working at Shop Under, I was tasked with designing the branding for a sister brand that will be focusing on smart home electronics, from plugs to roombas. I was channelling the colourful blob theme I loved on Behance for my first iteration, and went with a gradient look using some science visualisation for the second one. 

All in all, I wanted to go for a packaging really distinctive looking, because the market is saturated with simpler, less loud packaging. I tried to keep the logo evocative yet minimal, channeling Einstein's theory of relativity. 

Finally, the packaging being very small (41 mm x 72 mm x 56 mm), I had to make do with the available space.


Personal Branding - February 2018

Made these cards before going to GDC 2018. I was inspired by the art of Cory Arcangel, very naive internet aesthetic. I wanted something that demonstrated my UI affinities, so that's why I crafted some iOs windows in Sketch. The logotype is created from my signature, with clean shapes.


Portfolio - December 2016

Portfolio submitted to OCAD for admission in Digital Futures MDes. December 2016.

It got me in. 

I went for a glitched looked. For the cover, I went for the Pantone colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity.


Playmind - The InnerFriend

For the duration of the summer (I was starting my master that fall), I was ready to tackle the tasks of branding an upcoming game, The InnerFriend, rolling out its marketing assets, and help around the studio for the commercial projects pitches slide decks.

I made many a logo iterations, but also in-game assets textures, developed a whole webpage from scratch, designed a Games Con booth, formatted a game design document (under NDA) and designed in-game UI.

A selection of some of the logos I worked on for Playmind. They decided to go with something less grim, and much more akin to Stranger's Things logo. Oh well.


I designed the Games Con booth to feel like entering a hole, the same way you wuld in the game. We printed on synthetic fabric shades of grey and made them hold with big sheets of foam core and folding scaffolds. It was more than 8 feet high.


This page was intended for distribution during business meetings with potential distributors and producers at Games Con.


Misc. logo design


I came up with this identity while working on a speculative design project in an introductory class of my MDes in Digital Futures at OCAD. The project was a contact lense that allow people to interact with different layers of augmented reality. The logo had to encompass the many possible worlds one could visit using these lenses.



I designed this app logo for a project we had a friend and I. We applied to an incubator with this idea of a self scheduling app. I wanted the logo to feel like the sparkles of magic flowing out of a fairy godmother. Looking back, I think the app agenda market is pretty saturated.



During a Women Start Up Weekend, I teamed up under Roberta Voulon, director of community organized coding circle Les Pitoneux, to work on her idea. Using Tiny Habits, this app helps its user to implement and track small habits that, by the force of accumulation, can end up making big changes.


Milieux Undergraduate Group

During the last year of my BA, I was lurking the graduate labs, in particular the video game studies one. Some other friends and I thought the ressources there could be of interest to other undergrads, so we devised creating an association of us could be interesting. Here is the poster I made for that group. I co-designed the logo with co-organizer.


Residency Projet de Rêve

At TAG research lab, Concordia, we hosted a residency program, conjointly with the French Consulate and literature festival Metropolis Bleu. I was in charge of making the identity. I was inspired by the dreamscapes of QBert which I wanted to bring forth to a more contemporary, muted look.

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